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Bolton is a town in Manchester with long history. The first time Bolton was mentioned in the history books was in 1067. During the 1300s weavers settled here and made it known for its prosperous textile industry. 

Today, well over 100 000 people inhabit Bolton and this blog is made to make the accountants offering their services in town more visible. The goal of this website is to make the search for professional accountants in Bolton easier for companies of all sizes; but also for accountants to market their services.

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Accounting in the Digital Age

28 Jul 2021

The advent of innovative digital technology has changed the ways how finance professionals perform their daily work. Artificial intelligence, in particular, has been game-changing. However, despite the many apparent benefits, there are also new risks that come along with utilising modern hardware and software.

Becoming an accountant

19 Mar 2019

Are you thinking about becoming an accountant? Well, if you have what it takes this profession does not seem to be endangered like many other. More and more people run their own businesses which means more and more people need accounting services.

To become an accountant you need to go through advanced education, get formal certification and possess a firm commitment to learning the trade. It is not a career suited for everyone...

Non-taxable income

28 Feb 2019

Although tax is a fact of life, there are some forms of income that are non-taxable. These include child benefits, disability living and maternity allowances and other types of welfare benefits and grants, as well as interests from certain types of savings and investments (the Child Trust Fund being one example). Certain incomes are excluded from tax up to a certain amount as well, for example the first £7,500 from the Rent a Room scheme is also tax free. Therefore, citizens are not required to declare these types of income in their tax returns.

Tax on betting

One commonly asked question when it comes to accounting and taxation relates to profits made from betting or other forms of gambling. If you win a large some of money, the first thing that may come to mind is the percentage of tax you might be required to pay. However, there’s good news in store for these lucky individuals. The betting duty was abolished back in 2001, which means that in the UK even those who win multi-million jackpots from online UK casinos have to pay 0% tax on their winnings! Instead, today it’s the operators who are taxed, and not the players. However, a lot of operators found a way around this by moving to other jurisdictions where gambling is subject to much lower taxes.

If you have any doubts whether specific types of income are taxable or not, it’s best to ask your accountant, and he or she will be able to help you fill your tax declarations correctly.

Learn the basics

9 Feb 2019

Accounting is not easy, but learning the basics is actually not that hard. Knowing some basic stuff about accounting is valuable, no matter what industry one belongs to. In this video, that lasts no more than seven minutes, we are guided through the basics of accounting. Definitely worth a watch!

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